Digitalni osciloskop Rigol DS1202Z-E 2x200MHz

67.000.00 рсд



Digitalni osciloskop Rigol DS1202Z-E 2x200MHz 1 GS/s 24000 KP 8 Bit.

The model DS1202Z-E is a 200MHz, 2 channel digital oscilloscope, with 1GS/sec sample rate, with outstanding features, such as a very large memory depth of 14 MioPkt. As well as integrated serial bus triggering and SPI, I2C, RS232 decoding, 7 inch color display , for the optimum display of measurement signals. LAN, USB and AUX interfaces are standard, as are many Maths functions.
The model DS1202Z-E has many features and functions built in, without paying an extra cost.

Highlights & Details
200 MHz
No. of analogue inputs 2
200MHz bandwidth
2 analogueue input channels
8 bit resolution
0.5mV/div to 10V/div.
14 MIOpkt memory
USB stick.
2x RP3300A (350MHz)
Power cord
Driver and manual for download
Calibration certificate.
The English instructions can be found under Downloads.