Digitalni osciloskop VOLTCRAFT DSO-6084F 4x80MHz

120.000.00 rsd;



Digitalni osciloskop VOLTCRAFT DSO-6084F 4x80MHz 80 MHz 4-channel 1 GS/s 40000 KP 8 Bit Digital storage (DSO), Function generator 1 pc(s).

  • Mathematical operations: + – * / FFT Intg user-defined
  • Refresh rate: 45.000 wfms/s
  • Slew rate< 4.38 ns
  • Function generator: 25 MHz, 125 MSa/s, 14-bit vertical resolution
  • Waveforms: sine, square, ramp, pulse
  • Arbitrary functions: exponential, sin(x)/x, staircase, noise
The DSO-6084F digital storage oscilloscope has been designed for R&D facilites, laboratories and service engineers. As usual, settings are adjustable using buttons or touchscreen. Zooming in or screen swiping works pretty much like when using a smarphone or tablet.

Colour temperature display
Recurring waveforms are colour-coded according to how often they are detected.

Bus decoder
Decodes SPI and I²C, RS232 and CAN-bus signals. Decoded values can be displayed in binary, decimal, Hex or ASCII format and compiled in event tables. Decoded CAN-bus signals are displayed in colour. This makes distinguishing between data, data length code and frame information much easier. CAN-Bus checksum errors are flagged by colour changes.

Data acquisition and processing
Readings and screen content can be transferred to and stored on a PC via USB, LAN, or Wi-Fi. When transfering data to USB memory, file names can be entered using the touchscreen.

Touch-control function generator
Settings of the 25 MHz function generator are selectable via buttons or via touchscreen. Available are sine, square, ramp and pulse waveforms. Moreover, the device comes with 46 additional arbitrary waveform presets including exponential, sine, staircase and noise. Also stores user-defined arbitrary waveforms.

Clone function
Oscilloscope input waveforms can be cloned and forwarded to the function generator. The section to be cloned is selected via touchscreen.

Battery power option
Using a Li-ion rechargeable battery (optional) significantly increases the range of uses. Opting for battery-power (optional) makes the oscilloscope a highly mobile and versatile tool. One battery charge enables 3 hours of continuous use. Under laboratory conditions, battery operation also acts as a galvanic isolator.


  • USB output supports Pict Bridge
  •  DDS arbitrary function generator
  • This text is machine translated.

Scope of delivery

  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • 4 probes
  • Probe adjustment
  • Power supply unit
  • USB cable
  • 1m BNC cable
  • Software CD (user manual in English)
  • Quick guide