Digitalni osciloskop UNI-T UTD2052CEX 2x50MHz

50.000.00 рсд



Digitalni osciloskop UNI-T UTD2052CEX 2x50MHz – Laboratorijska oprema.

The UTD2000EX series desktop digital storage oscilloscope, which, compared to lower UTD2000L series, offers not only higher sampling rate of 1GS/s, but also double display resolution, which is 800×480. The oscilloscope itself has 2 channels and a 50 MHz bandwidth. With USB OTG, you can store the measured values on a USB flash drive. A simple front panel with clearly labeled functions for basic operations, scale and location of individual channels allows you to use habits while using traditional tools, so you can use the device without having to learn anything, or work with it for a long time. In addition, pressing the AUTO button simply sets the device.


Channels: 2
Bandwidth: 50 MHz
Sample Rate: 1GS/s
Rise Time: ≤ 7ns
Memory Depth: 25 kpts
Waveform Acquisition Rate: ≥ 2000 wfms/s
Vertical Sensitivity: 1mV ~ 20V/div
Time-Based Range: 2ns/div ~ 50s/div
Storage: Setup, Wave, Bitmap
Trigger Modes: Edge, Pulse, Alternate
Interfaces: USB OTG


Power: 100 – 240V AC RMS, 45Hz – 440Hz
Display: 7 Inches 64K Color TFT LCD (800 x 480)
Product Color: White and Grey
Product Net Weight: 2.2 kg
Product Size: 306mm x 147mm x 122mm

Probe x 2 (1x, 10x switchable), Power Cord, USB Cable