Mikroskop Bresser Optik BioScience Trino

125.000.00 rsd;



Bresser Optik BioScience Trino 40x-1000x mikroskop.

BRESSER BioScience offers an optimum basis for study and science. The ergonomic design simplifies the use of this microscope.

Highlights & Details
Trinocular head
40x – 1000x magnification
Suitable PC-ocular
Köhler Iluminator
Separate AC-adapter, for hightend safety
Coaxial mechanical desk with nonius scale
Coarse and precise focusing
Köhler’s lighting
External power supply, as such enhanced safety
Coaxial cross-table with vernier
Coarse and fine focussing
4 achromatic objectives
12 V/30 W halogen lighting with dimmer
Dust cover.
Immersion oil
230 V mains unit (12 V/3.3 A)
Objective DIN 4x / 10x / 40x / 100x oil.
Condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25.
2 oculars WF-10x