Mikroskop Bresser Optik Biorit ICD-CS Stereo

58.000.00 rsd;



Bresser Optik Biorit ICD-CS Stereo mikroskop.

The BRESSER Biorit ICD CS offers thanks to the wide swivel range and the very high working distance of 230 mm in an excellent basis for all kinds of work, but also for quality control. It is used by many users, e.g. when soldering, especially of SMD components. Through the swivel arm is the work surface under the microscope head-free, so that even larger components can be handled.

Through you gooseneck LED lighting is an optimum illumination of the object.

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Highlights & Details
Stereo microscope with a large swivel range and high working distance
Lighting 6 W, rod light/mains operation
Working distance (approx.): 230 mm/swivel arm: 210 mm
Object height: 70 mm
With LED-lighting
Dust cover
1 pair of rubber eye cups
Power cable.