Mikroskop Bresser Optik Researcher Trino

80.000.00 rsd;



Bresser Optik Researcher Trino 40x-1000x mikroskop.

The BRESSER Researcher is an outstanding microscope for school and studies. This microscope is perfectly suitable for laboratory use. The new design of this BRESSER Microscope was inspired by the successful model BRESSER BioScience. The bright LED light provides perfect lighting even with high zoom levels and captivates with its extreme durability.

The BRESSER Researcher Bino microscope is based on a solid metal body and performs the wide magnification range 40x-1000x, that is reached with 4 objectives and one pair of eyepieces. So, this instrument fulfils higher demands. The 40x- and the 100x-objective are retractable (saveguarding against damages). The 100x-objective is intended for oil immersion microscopy (immersion oil is included). The LED lamp is very bright, and its intensity is variable with a dimmer. The adjustable Abbe condenser is equipped with a blue filter and an iris diaphragm. There are a focuser with coarse and fine drive for dead-sharp images, and a mechanical desk for exact object positioning. The binocular head is 360° rotable and also it makes possible the individual adjustment of eye relief as well as the diopter adjustment.

Highlights & Details
Solid metal body
Magnification range 40x-1000x
Very bright LED lamp with dimmer function
360° trinocular rotable head
Bright LED lighting
Achromatic DIN lens
Coaxial cross-table with vernier
Suitable PC-ocular
Dimmable lighting.
Dust cover.
Immersion oil
Integrated power supply cable.

Type: Transmitted light

Head: Trinocular

Eyepiece: WF 10x (Ø 23 mm) (pair)

DIN lens: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil

Light: 20 W Halogen (Dimmable)

Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25.