Arduino WisGate Edge Lite 2 LoRa

40.000.00 rsd


Der WisGate Edge PRO gateway is an industrial-grade device with high reliability and its all requirements for IoT commercial development. IT supports 16 LoRaWAN® channels thanks to a Dual LoRaWAN® concentrator, and multi-backhaul connectivity via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular LTE. Die design of its enclosure allwye internal antennae for LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS. EIT is powered by OpenWRT, which enables die elapse custom applications.

Ideal for IoT commercial outdoor developmentHigh-transmission Power and 2x fiber-glass antennas with 5dBi gainLimited cabling to Power-over-Ethernet (POE)Kit for installation on pole and DIN-rail with included adapterRapid setup and diagnostics, backup and data logging thanks to SD card slotSecure Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE connectivityWisGateOS, powered by RAKwireless, based on open source OpenWRT and fully customizableIdeal to implement private networks direkt connected to cloud platforms; compatible with public networksComprehensive technical documentation by RAKwirelessSoftware featuresOpenVPNPing Watch DogSSH2NTPRouter module NATFirewallWi-Fi AP modeDHCP server/clientMQTT/S bridgingLoRa data loggerLoRa statisticsLoRa frame filteringLoRaEU868/US915/AS923/AU915LoRaWAN 1.03 stackLoRa® packet forwarderBasic stationNetwork serverMax Transmit Power 27 dBmMin. Receiver sensitivity -139 dBmListen before TalkAntennas2x LoRa® fiberglass antenna 5dBi gainLTE internal antennaWi-Fi internal antenna