Arduino CNC kabl LPT USB Joy-it 57CNCd25

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PoKeys57CNCdb25 is a USB device and is the smallest of the po keystone family, especially for use with CNC machines with existing LPT (Parallel Printer) port-based control signals input plug. It enables a fast migration of LPT to USB bus. Although small, the device is adjustable and as such requires no complex knowledge of programming the device.

PoKeys57CNCdb25 can be up to 4 STEP/DIR signal-controlled motors (stepper motors, servo drives, etc.) in different applications. The device has a total of 12 digital outputs and 5 digital inputs. Four of the digital outputs can be configured in such a way that you as a PWM output (pulse width modulated) work.

– Compatible with USB 1.1 / 2.0 HID standard,
Standard English USB keyboard simulation (with the triggering support for up/down keys),
– 12 digital outputs (8 for step/direction output signals used)
– 5 digital inputs with pull-up resistors
– High performance 4-axis-125-K Hz-Pulsmotor,
– Up to 4 fully configurable PWM outputs (25 MHz PWM Timer)
– Fail-safe support for Communication interruption,
– Intuitive and user-friendly software,
Support for third-party via a communication DLL library and an extensive protocol specification document that the porting to other systems.

PoKeys USB products integrate support for virtual USB keyboard and USB Joystick, with which a standard USB keyboard can be emulated. Digital input pins can be assigned to virtual keyboard and joystick buttons. The configuration is done simply via our intuitive graphical configuration application PoKeys, in which each function can be tested.