Tragač kablova i metal detektor Chauvin Arnoux 6681

65.000.00 rsd;


Tragač kablova i metal detektor Chauvin Arnoux 6681 – merni instrumenti – Elektroleum.

The cable and metal detector C. A 6681 LOCAT-N is best suited for maintenance work, renovation work and use after damage. The LOCAT-N can be used by electricians, heating fitters, installers and telecommunications professionals – with or without voltage.

The device consists of a transmitter and receiver – each equipped with a large LCD display – and enables a reliable test with the avoidance of interference signals. Cables and metal pipes are indicated by a measured value and visually and acoustically, so that their course can be tracked intuitively.

Key Applications:

Locating fuses, residual-current circuit breakers, etc.
Tracking cables in a wall
Locate an open circuit
Locate a short circuit
Locate cable penetrations in a house
Locate underground ladders

Sanitary/heating systems:
Locating pipes (copper, iron, etc. )
Tracking of plastic pipes

Locate cables
Distinguish a pair of cables in a bundle

Accessories for the measurement at lighting fixtures or directly at a Schuko socket are included in the delivery. The delivered device is ready for immediate use.

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Highlights & Details

  • Localization and tracking cables and sockets
  • Identification of the mains voltage and search of interruptions in the circle
  • Detection of fuses
  • Localization of cable breaks
  • Finding short-circuits
  • Pursuit of a underground circuit
  • Fault localization to floor heating
  • Localization of metallic wasse or heating pipes


  • Transmitter C. A 6681 E: on-screen LCD, with function and bar display
  • Signal frequency 125 kHz
  • Measuring range for external voltage 12 to 600 VAC/DC
  • Functions digital signal encoding for simple signal identification
  • Selectable transmission signal code
  • Torch
  • Supply 1 battery 9 V
  • Electrical Safety 300 V CAT III
  • Receiver C. A 6681 R:  Screen Illuminated LCD-display with function and bar display
  • Transmission Code
  • Battery status for the receiver and transmitter
  • Localization depth
  • Single-pole application 0 up to 2 m
  • Two-pole application 0 to 0.5 m
  • Simple loop connection up to 2.5 m
  • Determine the mains voltage from 0 to about 0.4 m
  • Features automatic power-off, automatic or manual setting of the reception sensitivity
  • Torch
  • Supply 6 batteries 1.5 V AAA
  • Dimensions 241.5 x 78 x 38.5 mm
  • Weight 360 g (with batteries).


  • Transmitter C. A 6681 E
  • Receiver C. A 6681 R
  • Hard case
  • 1 set of test leads (banana plug)
  • 1 set with 2 alligator clips
  • 1 ground spike
  • 1 battery 9 V
  • 6 batteries 1.5 V AAA
  • 1 Measuring adapter for B22-Socket (bayonet)
  • 1 Adapter for E14 socket (screw)
  • 1 adapter for power plug
  • 1 Operating instructions in 5 languages.