Tester kablova Chauvin Arnoux 7028

88.000.00 rsd


Chauvin Arnoux 7028 tester / ispitivač kablova – merni instrumenti – Elektroleum.
  • Tested cable types: UTP & STP (SS TP & FTP) according to standards, TIA568 A/B, ISO, EN, USOC and ISDN
  • Choice of cable: UTP, STP
  • Errors detected: Broken, shorted, crossed or disconnected pairs, short circuit between pairs, swapped pairs, and shielding failure, fault at the end of the connection or the installed connection cable
  • Measurement: Errors are reported and localized using an acoustic signal
The C.A 7028 WIRE MAPPER™ is a professional cable testing and error detection device for local data and voice networks with multi-pair copper wires. With its complete range of functions, it is an indispensable tool for all engineers and technicians who are responsible for the installation and maintenance of networks. The C.A 7028 WIRE MAPPER™ is also a useful test device for all network managers who want to search for errors in computer networks or extend an existing network. With EDT™ (End Discrimination Technology), the device has a unique new function: The detection of the cable termination. This feature saves significant time and money when testing cable networks by displaying the wiring diagram graphically on the device display and clearly showing the nature of the detected fault and its location.

Up to 9 identifiers are available as accessories – this allows the device to check up to 9 connections from the distribution board.

Highlights & Details
  • Fault localization and identification
  • All cable types: Electrical, coaxial, multi-core cables
  • Illuminated and graphical or alphanumeric LCD display
  • Compact and easy to use
  • 2 cable RJ 45
  • 1 Identifier (No. 1)
  • 1 carrying case
  • 4 x AA 1.5 V batteries