Tinol žica Felder Löttechnik ISO-Core “RA” Sn99Cu1 1mm 1kg

11.300.00 rsd;


  • Optimum wetting
  • Standard outreaching propagation values
  • Ideal for difficult to solder surfaces
    • Solder: Sn99.3Cu0.7 (ISO 9453:2014)
    • Flux: Rom1 (EN 61190-1-1/J-STD-004), 1123 (ISO 9454-1:2016), flux content: 2.5%
    • SIR (IPC-TM-650, :> 100 MΩ

    Lead-free no-clean solder wire with halogen-activated rosin-based flux. Application area: Manual and automatic soldering in electrical engineering and electromechanics.