Tinol žica Felder Löttechnik “Ultra-Clear” Sn100Ni+ 1mm 250g

3.700.00 rsd


  • 100% halogen-free Rosin-free High wetting speed No flux spatter Crystal-clear flux residues
  • Lot: Sn99.25Cu0.7Ni0.05 (ISO 9453: 2014)
  • According to Fuji patent DE 19816671C2
  • Flux: REL0 (EN 61190-1-1/J-STD-004), 1231 (ISO 9454-1:2016) Flux content: 2.2%
  • SIR (IPC-TM-650, :> 100 MΩ

High-quality, halogen-free, lead-free solder wire for hand and automatic soldering in electronics, electrical engineering and electro-mechanics. The flux is characterized by high temperature resistance and does not spray during melting. An optimal wetting as well as standard-overreaching dispersion values make this halogen-free soldering wire a top product under the lead-free tubular solders. The new flux formulation “Ultra-Clear” is based on synthetic resins (free of colophony) and has been perfectly adapted to the requirements of lead-free soldering technology in the assembly production:· High wetting speed and spread on all surfaces common in electronics· No flux spatter on the assembly, system parts or the hands of the user(s)· Clear flux residues to optimize the optical impression· The lowest output and neutral odor reduces the stress on the workplace· Easily removable residues on soldering tips, these can be removed with conventional means (FIELDS, solder sponge, metal wool)· REL0 type of flux according to J-STD-004 and DIN EN 61190-1-3 for assembly production· The service life of the soldering iron tips is significantly extended