Tester šuko utičnica UNI-T UT07B

1.800.00 rsd



The UNI-T UT07B-EU device is a tester for simple control of 230V / AC socket connections. Using three control LEDs, it signals the correct connection of all three distribution wires and the functionality of the circuit breaker connection.

Product parameters :

Indication of seven socket connection states by means of three LEDs:
– OK, the protector (RCD) test passed.
– OK.
– No ground – yellow-green wire.
– No phase – brown or black wire.
– Zero (reverse) wire is missing – blue wire.
– Phase connected in reverse.
– Phase connected in reverse and ground is missing.

Technical parameters :

– operating voltage: 230V / AC
– operating current: <18mA
– operating frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz
– RCD function test: with a current of approx. 30 mA
– product color: red and gray
– weight: 80.5 g
– dimensions: 65 x 65 x 61 mm