Tester uredjaja VOLTCRAFT GT-6000 V2

65.000.00 rsd;



Tester uredjaja VOLTCRAFT GT-6000 V2.

  • Battery-powered portable tester
  • Test RCD circuit breaker
  • Automated testing for Class I and II / equipment III.
  • Testing of 3-phase electrical appliances
  • Trip time measurement of fixed RCDs and portable RCDs (PRCSs)
  • Backlight function
  • Green/Red LED indicator for pass/fail result
Portable, easy to use and variable use
The Voltcraft GT-6000 device tester was a master of its class and offers everything the craftsman and professional DIY heart desires: Thanks to the battery operation it is quickly ready for use wherever an automated testing of devices of classes I and II / III as well as RCDs or PRCSs is required. Cable drums and multiple distributors can be tested as well as IEC power cables. In addition, a voltage test can be carried out on an external shock-proof socket and a test of 3-phase electrical devices can be carried out via an additional adapter.
One-hand operation at the push of a button
The capacity of the measured value memory is sufficient for up to 999 test objects including parameters, while the integrated real-time clock ensures that all data on the test results are stored completely. A measurement is started with just one push of a button, which can also be used to delete an error display. Via two hotkeys, measured values can be stored and recalled quickly and easily. And the subsequent re-use of the measurement data on the PC is no obstacle for the Votcraft device tester: Via the USB-C output it is possible to download an Excel table with all the necessary data.This text is machine translated.


  • Measured value memory for 999 test objects with parameters
  • integrated real-time clock
  • Data can be downloaded in Excel format via USB (type C)
  • Simple operation with a push of a button for starting the test and deleting the error display
  • 2 hotkeys for storing and retrieving
  • voltage test at an external shock-proof socket
  • Testing of cable drums, Multiple distributors and IEC power cables
  • Testing of electrical devices according to DIN VDE 0107-0702, EVE / ONORM E 8701, DGUV 3 (formerly BGV A3), NEN 3140

Scope of delivery

  • Tester
  • Test lead with alligator clip
  • IEC power cable
  • Power cable
  • Compact protective case
  • USB connection cable (USB-A-to-USB-C plug)
  • 6x AA battery (IEC LR6)
  • User manual