Termovizijska kamera Satir i-160 160×120

115.000.00 рсд


Termalna osetljivost: 50mK (na 25°C)
Opseg temperature: -20° do + 550°C
Tačnost merenja: ±2° ili ±2% od očitane vrednosti
Rezolucija detektora: 160 x 120 piksela
Ugao vidljivosti (FOV): 25° x 19°
Spektralni opseg: 8 – 14μm
Dužina sočiva: 6.7mm
Tip fokusa: manuelni
Palete boja: 7 paleta boja
Ekran: LCD ekran 3.5″ kapacitativni ekran na dodir
Digitalno uvećanje: 1x, 2x, 4x
Frame rate: 25Hz
Režim slike: IR/CCD/Fusion/PiP
Radna temperatura: -10° do 50°C
– Poseduje laserski pokazivač
– Skladište veličine 16GB
– Dodatne funkcionalnosti: WiFi, tekstualne i glasovne napomene, osvetljenje
Sigurnost: IP54
Napajanje: punjiva litijumska baterija
Vreme trajanja baterije: 4h
Interfejs: USB Tip C
Dimenzije: 244 x 100 x 104mm
Težina: manje od 660g

The i-series is SATIR newest range of handheld thermal cameras, which come with a Android App, meaning a second person nearby can see what is being surveyed by the person operating the thermal camera. This can be useful if the area being scanned is a small space such as ceiling panels or areas which are restricted to one person.  The i-series cameras have a fixed screen which replaces our regular flip screen design of cameras, offering the end user a different type of camera display. Currently two models available  i-160 & i-384 (Resolution 160×120 & 384×288 respectively). There are 4 imaging modes on both models and 7 colour palettes allowing the end-user to select the modes most suitable to their surveys.  The temperature measurement range is  -20°C ~ + 550°C with accuracy of ±2°C or ± 2% of readings.  It comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged using a USB-C which allows for fast charging. The i-series is a very versatile range of handheld thermal cameras that be used in a wide range of applications from mechanical to electrical & power surveying.