Termovizijska kamera FLIR One Edge 80×60

45.000.00 rsd;


The FLIR ONE Edge is an innovative, robust infrared camera, which can be connected wirelessly with your smart device so that you can also inspect theu unreachable targets from a distance – or you can fix them on your phone or tablet, in order to operate them with one hand. With the combination of VividIR™ and FLIR MSX®, you can capture sharp thermal images from any position and angle with a natural grip.

With FLIR Ignite™, you can easily upload pictures and videos from your FLIR ONE Edge Pro to the cloud, where you can edit, organize, store and share the data. Compatibility with iOS, Android smartphones and tablets means that the FLIR ONE Edge Pro can be used without restrictions, regardless of the network operator, operating system, size or future upgrades of the Smart devices.
  • Remote inspection of hazardous areas up to 30 m away
  • One-handed use by attaching the FLIR ONE Edge Pro to your smart device
  • Comfortable scanning of destinations out of range by holding the FLIR ONE Edge Pro in one hand and in the other hand your smart device, for a clear view on your screen
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Thermal image resolution 80x 60 Pixel, VividIR
  • Rugged design with a battery life of up to 1.5 hours
Scope of delivery
  • FLIR one edge infrared camera
  • FLIR One Edge
  • USB-C cable
  • Printed documents
System requirements
  • IOS, Android