Proxxon Micromot GE 20 mašina za graviranje

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Proxxon Micromot GE 20 mašina za graviranje.

For engraving of letters, numbers, and individual forms on metal, plastic, glass or stoneware. Application: a maximum of 14 characters can be attached in the guide rail (Template Bracket). The contours of the template must then with the guide pin (Ball Handle) precise to be tightened. The result is reduced. By simply shifting of two screws, the reduction ratio of 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1.

2(records from A to Z, hyphen, dot and cross bar (a total of 52 parts)
each with a hexagonal wrench SW 1.5 – 3 and 5 mm
Inner hexagon key with ball-head SW 2.5 mm
Operating instructions.

Drill/grinder IBS/E and clamping brackets (24 256) not included in the delivery. Please order separately. This text is machine translated.