Proxxon Micromot TBM 220 stona bušilica 85W

22.000.00 rsd;



Plane-milled worktable of die-cast aluminium (220 x 120mm) with adjustable fence and scale as well as threaded holes for securing the MICRO compound table KT 70.

Solid steel column (20 x 340mm). Adjustable fence with scale. Solid, hard-chromed steel column, 340mm high, 20mm diameter. Super stable die-cast head with VDE approved 220 – 240V motor. Very quiet and of long life expectancy type. Power transmission by aluminium pulleys and flat belt. Three spindle speeds (triple torque at low speeds). Feed lever with adjustable depth scale.

Technical data:
230V. 85W. 50 – 60Hz. Spindle speeds of 1,800, 4,700 and 8,500rpm. Extremely high rotational accuracy, 30mm feed. Throat depth 140mm. Six triple slit precision collets for shaft sizes 1 – 1.5 – 2 – 2.4 – 3 – 3.2mm are included. 3/8″ thread. Weight 3.3kg. NO 28 128