Mirco bit Kit WPK001 Micro:bit

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The Microbit V2 is the ideal board for all who want to improve their microbit projects!

As in the previous version, this panel has an embedded embedded system. And it is still compatible with various coding languages such as block editor and mobile apps for beginners, to Python for the more advanced users.

It is possible to connect it to other devices, such as a Raspberry Pi through its 20-pin edge connectors. The built-in compass, the accelerometer and the motion detector ensure that the Micobit has endless possibilities!

While this newer version still holds all the existing Microbit functions, it also packs many new functionalities.

What was new? This second version has an on-board speaker and a microphone with an LED indicator. Both functions make project possibilities endless! But that’s not all that was new, the Microbit V2 also has a built-in sleep and output mode. This means that your microbit can be switched off while you are still connected to a power supply. This saves you a lot of power! Finally, this second version has a controller that allows you to supply up to 200 mA to an external accessory.

This starter kit is the ideal kit for start-ups that want to program with the Block Editor or the mobile apps.

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  • Includes: ** USB cable: 1 x (PAC610B007N) ** Microbit housing: 1 x ** Battery holder: 1 x ** Microbit: 1 x ** Battery: 4 x AAA (LR03c) * Microbit hardware: ** illuminated : 5 x 5 LED matrix ** Buttons: 2 Push buttons ** Compass: Detect magnetic fields ** Accelerometer: Detection of changes in microbit speed ** GPIO: 17 general purpose input / output pins ** Bluetooth: Low power Bluetooth ) ** Speakers: Integrated speakers ** Microphone: MEMS microphone with LED indicator ** Capacitive touch sensor: Touch sensitive logo ** Energy saving mode: Built-in sleep or switch-off mode ** Controller: More computing power ** USB port : On-Board Micro USB Port ** Connection point: 20 edge connector pins at the bottom of the card ** Reset: Reset button