Micro bit Kit Ki-5699 staklenik Micro:bit

12.000.00 rsd;


Micro bit Kit komplet Ki-5699 pametni staklenik Micro:bit.


The smart greenhouse kit is an experimental set for young researchers. based on the micro:bit (not included in the delivery) a programmable greenhouse with humidity sensor, water pump, temperature sensor, buzzer, time measurement and LED lighting is created.

This allows the greenhouse to water when the sensor reports that the earth is too dry, or the integrated real-time clock activates the LED lighting. The buzzer emits a warning signal when the water supply is used up.

Many exciting possibilities with fun programming are guaranteed.

Highlights & Details
Autonomously controlled, programmable greenhouse on micro:bit basis
Incl. Water pump
Incl. lighting
Humidity sensor, water pump, LED stick, controller board, greenhouse, Alligator clips, screwdriver, connection cable