Meteorološka stanica Renkforce RFWS 01001 

12.000.00 рсд


    Meteorološka stanica Renkforce RFWS.

    Thunder weather – all data at a glance

    If you have any questions about the weather, the wireless weather station RFWS 01001 has the answer on its 5.7″ color display! In addition to the usual values such as temperature and air humidity (inside and outside), wind speed, wind direction and precipitation, there is a multitude of other useful information such as time, calendar, weekday and even the moon phases. And depending on where you are, this display can be set for the northern hemisphere or alternatively the southern hemisphere.
    Detailed information
    However, the wireless weather station RFWS 01001 is not yet satisfied with the display of this overview information! Whether the temperature and humidity in living rooms are at a healthy level can be read on the comfort display with the help of emoji. In addition, the respective trend to these values is displayed. The outdoor measurements also have trend displays and the average wind speed and gusts are displayed in different units such as mph, m/s, km/h, knots and Beaufort. The current and dominant wind direction as well as barometric pressure values or UV light load can also be read off.
    Look in the past and the future
    The wireless weather station RFWS 01001 can not only display weather forecasts: It stores data, such as the amount of rainfall that can be displayed subsequently for different periods, as well as heat index, wind chill and dew point measurements.
    Valuable alarm functions
    A night too cold can suffice, and the beloved patio planting is frozen. With the wireless weather station RFWS 01001 such fears are superfluous, because if frost is to be expected, the station reports this with a buzzer. An optical alarm also warns against weather extremes such as high wind speeds or heavy rain events.
    Sophisticated technology makes it easier
    The main unit can be set up as a desktop unit or mounted on the wall, for which all the necessary mounting parts are included in the delivery. The sensor, also included in the delivery, is placed outdoors and sends data from a distance of up to 150 meters to the station. Time and date settings can be retrieved automatically – this way the annoying changeover from winter to summer time is done by the weather station independantly.
    • Buzzer alarm clock with frost alert function
    • Displays the time, calendar, weekday & moon phase
    • Moon phase display can be set for northern or southern hemisphere
    • Indoor temperature (°C/°F) & humidity readings with comfort indicator & trend
    • Outdoor temperature (°C/°F) & humidity readings (C3120A) with trend
    • Gust and average wind speed (mph, m/s, km/h, knots), Beaufort & wind level
    • Real-time & dominant wind direction in 360° & 16-direction resolution
    • UV index (0 – 16)
    • Light intensity readings (Klux, Kfc, W/m2)
    • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and total rainfall readings (in mm)
    • Weather forecast function (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy)
    • Relative and absolute barometric pressure readings (hPa, inHg, mmHg)
    • Heat index, wind chill and dew point readings
    • Max/min memory for last 24 hours
    • Hi / Lo alert function (indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity)
    • Alert function (weather index, high wind speed, high daily rainfall & pressure drop)
    • Flashing indicator for Hi/Lo alert function
    • UV and light calibration function
    • 3 brightness levels: Hi / Lo / Off
    • 7 languages for day of the week display (EN/DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/RU)
    • Includes wireless 7-in-1 professional weather sensor (C3120A)
    • Wall mountable / desktop usage
    • 1x Main unit
    • 1x Table stand for main unit
    • 1x Sensor
    • 1x Mounting pole for sensor
    • 1x Mounting base for sensor
    • 1x Mounting clamp for sensor
    • For the mounting clamp:
    • 4x Screws
    • 4x Nuts
    • 4x Washers
    • 2x Rubber pads
    • For the mounting pole:
    • 2x Screws
    • 2x Nuts
    • 1x CR2032 battery
    • 1x Adaptor
    • 1x Manual