Merač uzemljenja Fluke 1503

84.000.00 rsd



Merač uzemljenja Fluke 1503 500 V, 1000 V 2 GΩ.

The insulation multimeters from Fluke combine the functions of a digital insulation tester and a fully equipped digital real effective multimeter in one compact and portable device, offering optimal versatility when troubleshooting and during preventive maintenance.

Highlights & Details

Selectable test voltages for different uses
Slender button head with release key for simple and reliable measurements
Automatic discharge of capacitive voltages for extra protection of the user
Recognition of current carrying circuits avoids insulation tests with voltages over 30 V and increases the protection for the user
Automatic calculation of the polarity index and the dielectric absorption ratio
Automatic power-off for longer battery life
Large display with backlighting
Continuity test (200 mA).

TP165x slender probe with trigger key
TL224 SureGrip silicone test lead set
TP74 probe tips with 4 mm banana plugs
Alligator clips
Instructions for use
4 batteries (type AA).