Merač otpora uzemljenja Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6460

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Merač otpora uzemljenja Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6460, do 2000 oma – merni instrumenti – Elektroleum.
  • Accuracy 2% ± 0.1
  • Idle voltage: 42 V peak
  • Operating conditions: -10…+55 °C/REL.
  • Battery operation 4500 measurements with each 15 s
  • Overload protection high-power fuse
  • Frequency measuring range: 128 Hz.
The C.A 6460 and C.A 6462 are earth and ground resistance testers for the measurement of earthing, ground and transition resistances via conventional measurement methods with rod cores.

They have a robust and tight housing, are easy to use and are specially designed for off-road use.
Wherever it is necessary to ground or check an existing ground, these devices enable accurate, reliable and fast diagnosis under the best conditions.

The following measurement methods are possible:
– Measurement of the specific soil resistance according to the “Wenner method” (4 rod earth),
– Measurement of earthing resistance according to the “Tagg procedure” (62% procedure)
– Measurement of the contact resistances between 2 earthing conductors

The devices have 4 large terminals in different colors for easy connection. A captive short-circuit bridge enables a quick and easy transition from a 4-wire to a 3-wire measurement.

By simply pressing THE TEST button after the connection, the measurement is triggered. The measuring range and current are selected automatically to achieve maximum accuracy.
Three indicator lights signal events that could falsify the measurement result:
-red FAULT LED (E-H) flashes: Circuit fault (voltage at terminals ≥ 30 V peak)
-Red HIGH RESISTANCE (ES-S) flashes: Resistance in voltage circuit too high (R ≥ 50 kΩ)
-Red HIGH NOISE (ES-S) flashes: Interference signals ≥ 13 V peak in the voltage circuit

The devices C.A 6460 and C.A 6462 differ in the power supply (C.A 6460 with batteries, C.A 6462 with rechargeable NiMH battery).

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Highlights & Details
  • 3 test devices in one: Earthing, ground and transition resistances
  • Confirmation of measurement by self-diagnosis (3 indicator lights)
  • Very resistant, suitable for all-terrain use
  • Large LCD display with backlight
  • Measurement of earthing and contact resistance||Robust, shock-proof housing||High measurement reliability through self-testing||Optimal operational safety: Device insulated according to IEC 61010||Large LCD display with background lighting
  • 8 batteries
  • 1 user manual in 5 languages