Luksmetar VOLTCRAFT MS-200LED LED lux meter 0 – 400000lux

13.200.00 рсд


Luksmetar VOLTCRAFT MS-200LED LED lux meter 0 – 400000 lx.

For incandescent and LED light bulbs
Measures illuminance lux or foot-candle, and luminous intensity in candela

This digital light meter enables determining illuminance and luminous intensity of conventional incandescent lamps and LED light bulbs. Readings are displayed on a large LCD. The sensor is detached from the meter to enable optimum orientation towards the light source.


  • Stores 9 light sources with individually selectable cosine correction
  •  Preset cosine correction factors for standard incandescent bulbs (1.000)
  •  Built-in memory for 99 readings
  •  Auto power-off
  •  Min/max/average hold
  •  Zeroing
  •  Data hold
  •  Built-in cosine corrector

Scope of delivery

  • Lux meter
  •  3x AAA battery
  •  User manual.


Standard correction factors
1.000 (incandescent bulbs/daylight)
0.990 (daylight LEDs)
0.516 (red LEDs)
0.815 (amber LEDs)
1.216 (green LEDs)
1.475 (blue LEDs)
1.148 (purple LEDs)
0.870 (white fluorescent tubes)
1.286 (blue fluorescent tubes)
1.167 (green fluorescent tubes)
0.671 (red fluorescent tubes)