Luksmetar VOLTCRAFT LX-2000 0 – 99900lux

Оригинална цена је била: 12.000.00 рсд.Тренутна цена је: 8.500.00 рсд.


Merni uređaj za profesionalnu detekciju osvetljenosti.

Praktični uređaj ima spoljni senzor svetlosti sa dužinom kabla većim od 1 metra i stoga je jednostavan za upotrebu.

Device for professional measurement of illumination levels. This handy device has an external light sensor with a cable length of more than 1 meters and is therefore easy to use. With the help of the data hold function allows the values in hard to reach places can be measured and then simply and easily can be read. For exact measurement values can be 7 types of light such as red, blue, green, white, yellow, violet and standard LED illumination in Lux or foot candle-units. Recorded data can directly on the SD card (in an Excel file) can be evaluated. The Luxmeter is ideal also for hobby-photography or terrarium owners.

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Highlights & Details
Measurement range 0 – 99900 lx
Data logger function for fast data evaluation
Data hold function
Data-hold function
Green background lighting
Auto switch-off
Acoustic signal when switching on and off.
Luxmeter LX-2000 with data logger
Light sensor with protective cap
User manual