Endoskopska sonda VOLTCRAFT 5.8mm 3m

65.000.00 rsd;



Endoskopska sonda VOLTCRAFT 5.8mm 3m

  • For endoscope with Probe diameter 5.8 mm
  • Probe length: 3 m
  • With two switchable view directions 0°/90°
  • Flexible camera probe
If you need a probe, with which you both at the front as well as 90° to the side want to see, we have for you the perfect compromise! The dual camera can be simply by pressing a button the view from 0° to 90° or vice-versa. The 0° View allows the normal straight view, with the 90° view, you can look at the side of the objects, such as side walls, etc., without the camera probe.


  • Flexible design
  •  Camera with two view directions 0°/90°
  •  Manual change of direction
  •  LED lighting
  •  Watertight (IP67)
  •  Ø 5.8 mm camera head
  •  1 m length
  •  Resistant to motor and gear oils.


For the operation a main endoscope unit such as the VOLTCRAFT BS-1000T or BS-1500T needs. Not for use on humans or animals.