Endoskopska sonda VOLTCRAFT 28mm 25m

130.000.00 rsd;



Endoskopska sonda VOLTCRAFT 28mm 25m.

  • Probe diameter N/A
  • Compatible with VOLTCRAFT® endoscope BS-1000T
  • Highly flexible and watertight with a length of 25 m
Matching endoscope camera for the BS-1000T professional endoscope. The flexible camera neck enables the camera located at the top to also be moved into inaccessible positions. The 12 built-in LEDs in the camera head enable pictures in areas in total darkness. The brightness is continuously adjustable using the connected basic device. The waterproof construction (IP57) also makes the camera ideal for liquids. Due to the flexible guide, the low weight and the excellent lenses, you are able to detect weaknesses and problem spots in machines and system in conjunction with the basic unit and therefore take effective preventative action without firstly having to carry out cost dismantling. The power is supplied by the input voltage connected to the endoscope base unit.
  • Waterproof camera head and endoscope tube (IP57)
  •  Automatic image sharpness control (fixed focus)
  •  12 powerful white dimmable LEDs
  •  CMOS sensor
  •  Flexible design.
  • Endoscope camera with reel
  •  Instructions for use.
Not suitable for medical purposes! A suitable professional base unit (BS-1000 T ) is required for operation.