Digitalni osciloskop Rigol DHO924S 250MHz

130.000.00 rsd



The DHO900 series is RIGOL’s new, high performance and economic digital oscilloscope. Despite its compact design, it offers an outstanding performance. It offers a collection rate of up to 1,000,000 WFM/s (in the UltraAcquire mode), 50 Mpts memory depth, 12 bit resolution and low noise. It is compact and portable so that it can be used easily on the workbench, in the classroom, on the test site and in other application scenarios. You can place it on the workbench, with folded or folded legs. Place it flat on the workbench or secure the rear panel on the table clamp stand to save space.

  • Ultra-low background noise, cleaner signal, no small signals missing
  • Vertical sensitivity range 200 μV/div to 10 V/div
  • Max. 1,000,000 WFM/s acquisition rate (in UltraAcquire mode)
  • Digital phosphor display with real-time intensity gradation in 256 levels
  • Integrated AFG function, bode plot analysis, histogram, digital signal analysis, etc.
  • Waveform search and navigation function enables faster troubleshooting of signal anomalies