Digitalni multimetar Extech LCR-200 LCR metar

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Digitalni multimetar Extech LCR-200.

Durable measuring instrument with extensive measurement options for inductors, capacitors and resistors.

Highlights & Details
Up to 100kHz sampling rate
Double display 20000/2000 counts
Inductors up to 2000 H
Capacities up to 20 mF
Resistance values up to 200 MOhm

Illuminated double display · Display of primary parameters (L, C or R) and secondary parameter Q (good), D (power loss) or R (resistance), phase or ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) · Auto-select measurement function with 1 kHz standard test frequency · Five Test frequencies · Setting the Hi/Lo-Grenzen using absolute values or as a percentage threshold values. · Relative function · Automatic switch-off with disable function · Parallel or serial replacement circuit · Integrated measurement device or external measuring lines can be used · RS232 interface · Zero balancing (Open/short) eliminates unwanted stray impedances from the measurement.
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Test Leads
User manual.