Digitalni LCR metar GW Instek LCR-914

41.000.00 rsd;



The LCR-916/915/914 is an intelligent, comfortable and fully functional mobile dual display LCR measuring device. The test frequency is at high 100 kHz/10 kHz and offers greater flexibility to test a wider range of components. The LCR-916/915/914 operates with a 20,000/2,000 counter display. The primary parameters such as capacitance, inductance and resistance as well as the DC resistance measurement are displayed with 20,000 counters and a 2,000 counter display for secondary parameters such as Q, D, ESR and RP measurement. Secondary measurements can also be combined with the primary measurement while the primary measurement is still taking place.
The LCR-916/915/914 offers two measurement methods, two-conductor and five-conductor measurement. The LCR-916/915/914 also has a variety of standard or optional accessories to support testing of various components. The meters also include convenient features such as hold data, tolerance sorting, zero mode and min/max (LCR-916 only).
The USB interface of the meter can be used to log data on a PC using the LCR900 software and provide the DC 5V to power the meter.
The LCR-916/915/914 enables you to perform fast and simple LCR measurements with high precision at an affordable price.

Reading range – resistance – 0.001 Ω- 200 MΩ

Reading range – capacity – 20 pF – 20 mF

Basic accuracy – 0.2 %

Frequency range – 100 Hz -1 kHz