Tinol šipke Felder Löttechnik “Cu-Rophos 15” CuP 284 1kg 2mm

39.500.00 rsd;


Silver-containing copper hard solder “Cu-Rophos 15”
for flux-free soldering of copper.

Phosphorous copper hard solder for flux-free soldering of copper pipes in oil, gas and liquefied gas installations as well as in the heating and drinking water installation via 28 x 1.5 mm pipe dimensions. Thanks to the silver content, it is best suited for applications in the cold climate area and in systems subject to vibration. Excellent flow properties, for copper to copper without additional flux, for soldering on brass and red cast, a hard solder flux ( Cu-Rosil® according to DIN EN 1045 – FH 10) must also be used. Suitable for soldering on gas and liquefied gas systems (operating temperatures from -70 to +150°C).

  • Lot : Cup 284 (DIN EN ISO 17672)
  • Melting range : 645-800 °C.
  • Operating temperature : Min. 700 °C
  • Solder joints temperature resistant up to 200 °C.
  • Low temperature stable up to -70 °C.