Tester magnetog polja Extech EMF450

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Tester magnetog polja Extech EMF450 – merni i test instrumenti Elektroleum.

The measuring device EMF 450 simultaneously measures magnetic fields, electric fields and RF field strength and displays. The unit as well as the measurement types are used in units of the electric and magnetic field strength and power density printed. The EMF 450 is designed for measurements at the power lines, electrical devices, industrial devices, mobile phones, Base Stations and microwave leakage.
The EM450 is equipped with three individual antenna sensors to measure magnetic fields (EMF).

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Highlights & Details

  • Color TFT Display
  • Simultaneous display of 3 measurement variables
  • Simple display through color-coded alarm table


  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • This device is used to display of ausstrahlenden, electromagnetic fields, wherever voltage or current, electric (E) fields and magnetic (H) occur. To examples include electromagnetic fields of radio, TV transmission systems and power lines.
  • Electric field strength
  • This is a vector field, which the force (F) on a gland wind ends unit positive test loads (q), divided by this load. The electric field strength is in the units volts per meter (V/m). Use the units of the electric field strength for near-field power measurements.
  • Magnetic field strength (H)
  • This is a field vector equal to the magnetic flux density divided by the permeability of the medium. The magnetic field strength is in amperes per meter (A/m). This measurement is for near-field power measurements.
  • Power density (S)
  • Energy per unit of area in direction of propagation. This is usually in the Unit Watts per square meter (W/m2) or user-friendly in milliwatts per square meter (mW/cm2).
  • The characteristics of electromagnetic fields
  • Electromagnetic Fields spread as waves and travel at the speed of light. The wavelength is proportional to the frequency.
  • Is the distance from the Source field less than three wavelengths, a near-field. In the case of a remote field is the distance is more than three wavelengths. In the near field is the ratio of electrical (E) and magnetic field strengths (H) is not constant. It should therefore be measured each individually. In the far-field there is the possibility of a field size to measure and the other to calculate accordingly.
  • Data freeze (HOLD)
  • Adjustable switch-off (APO)
  • Buttons/alarm tones adjustable
  • English Language menu, switchable in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish
  • Selection of the magnetic field measuring units: Gauss (MG) or Tesla (μ T)
  • Electric field strength: V/m
  • Selection of the RF field strength measuring units: (μ W/m² to mW/m² ) (μ W/cm² ) (mV/m to V/m) (mA/m) (dBm)
  • Low-frequency EMF measurements: Individual and merged XYZ axial
  • Measured values:
  • High-frequency EMF measurements
  • HF-history data; up to 20 groups.
  • Display for battery status
  • External USB power supply possible (Mini USB port)


  • Batteries
  • User manual.