Tester magnetnog polja VOLTCRAFT MS-440

1.800.00 rsd


Tester magnetnog polja VOLTCRAFT MS-440.

For contact-less detection of a magnetic field in magnet valves, coils, solenoids and electrical relays. For testing the sensor is simply held to the component to be tested. A bright red LED shows an available electromagnetic field. With its the robust casing made of spray-on soft plastic, and the shirt-clip, this device is ideal for tough applications. In addition to the optical indicator displays the existing device on magnetic fields acoustically.

Highlights & Details
Contact-less magnetic field detection
Visual and audible signal transmitter.
Built-in LED flashlight
Magnetic field-strength Detection (range: 63 – 810 h)
The magnet for self-test.

2 batteries (AAA)
Test magnet
User manual.