Termovizijska kamera Satir D300 384×288

425.000.00 рсд


Termalna osetljivost: ≤ 0.04°C (na 30°C)
Opseg temperature: -20° do + 600°C, do +1000°C ili +1500°C (opcionalno)
Tačnost merenja: ±2°C ili ±2% od očitane vrednosti
Rezolucija detektora: 384×288 piksela
Ugao vidljivosti (FOV): 24° x 17°
Spektralni opseg: 7.5 – 14μm
Prostorna rezolucija: 1.09mrad
Emisivnost: Podesivo u opsegu od 0.01 do 1, može se odabrati iz postojeće liste
Mehanizam fokusa: motorizovan
Režim slika: IR/Digital/Duo-Vision/Duo-Vision Plus
Vidljivost piksela: 5MP digitalna kamera
Ekran: LCD ekran 3.5″ kapacitativni ekran na dodir
Video izlaz: NTSC (60Hz) ili PAL (50Hz)kompozitni video
Izlazni format slika: analogni video izlaz
Palete boja: 8 paleta boja
Frekvencija slike: ≥30Hz
Format fajla: JPG
Sigurnost: IP54
Otpornost na udarce/vibracije: 25G/2G
Radna temperatura: -20° do 50°C
– Poseduje USB port Tip C
– Mogućnost snimanja videa
– Alarm: zvučni alarm, alarm putem boje
– Opcionalno poseduje bluetooth
– Poseduje WiFi
– Prikaz u realnom vremenu preko USB-a, prenos u realnom vremenu sa podacima o temperaturi (opcionalno)
Dimenzije: 232 ×115 × 168mm
Težina: 0.85kg

The SATIR D300 is the result of a large investment in our Research & Development Departments and therefore it is known as SATIR most innovative Thermal Imaging Camera yet for Mid-Level Thermography.

The SATIR D300 has some interesting design features such as fully reversible 3.5-inch display. It is suitable for users who are right or left handed, making the design ergonomic and accessible to all.

The SATIR D300 has a 384×288 IR detector which generates 110592 pixels, this gives the user a clear, crisp image and with high speed processing slows a quick image out without compromising quality. The SATIR D300 Mid-Level Thermography camera has four imaging modes which are Infrared (IR), Digital (CCD) and Duo Vision Plus which is a new technology developed by SATIR. The Duo Vision Plus allows users to overlay CCD and IR images giving the user a detailed and clear image.

The SATIR D300 has a touch screen that will auto focus to ensure the user has a clearly focused thermal image. This means when generating a report the image is already focused which enables accurate evaluation.

The SATIR D300 mid-level thermal camera comes with a laser range finder which allows the user to point the laser at the target to learn the distance between the camera and the target.

The SATIR D300 has optional lenses available that increase the image quality and Field of View (FOV), currently the following lenses are available on request, 24° Standard lens, 7° 4x, 12°2x.

When buying the SATIR D300 you will receive a battery charger, batteries, SD card, Calibration Cert, Bluetooth headset and USB Cable. If you need additional accessories in the future these can be brought from the SATIR Store.