Termo provodljiva mast HPX 1kg AG Termopasty

6.500.00 rsd;



Termomast HPX, toplotna provodljivost > 2,8 V/mk, dugotrajna stabilnost. Neophodno je za ispravan rad bilo koje vrste temperaturnih senzora. Niska toplotna impedansa može zadržati stabilne performanse između -50 – 250°C.

The HPX thermal conductive paste with a heat transfer coefficient of >2.8 W/mK, which does not conduct
electric current. It is necessary for the proper operation of all kinds of temperature sensors. The low thermal impedance of the paste makes it possible to maintain constant performance at temperatures from -50
to 250°C. Does not conduct electricity.
units modules with a high heat transfer coefficient,
cooling devices on terminal boards and frames,
flash memory drives and high-speed drives,
motor control systems (automotive industry),
hard disc and DVD drives,
power transducers,
high-power LED diodes,
notebooks and office computers,
network communication devices,
household appliances, electronic and electrical components,
air conditioning devices.

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