Renkforce RF-4270245 Network switch 4 ports 1 GBit/s USB power supply

4.500.00 rsd


  • Power supply entirely via USB – the perfect travel companion
  • Gigabit speeds up data transfer
  • Doesn’t require a mains outlet
Unlike many other conventional devices, this network splitter has been optimised for low power consumption and doesn’t require any PSU. Choose an USB port on any host device to power the splitter. Includes TVs, game consoles, industry-grade network-enabled devices, etc

Save Energy
The spliiter only consumes energy if the host device is switched on. High data transfer rates of up to 1000 Mbps significantly speed up the data copy process across the network.

  • Splitter
  • USB power cable
  • 2x magnet
  • 4x anti-slip pad
  • User manual.