Raspberry Pi Joy-it PIEnergy Mini

2.650.00 rsd


Raspberry Pi Joy-it PIEnergy Mini.

  • Inwide power supply 6-36V
  • Output voltage 5.1V / output current up to 3A
  • Compatible with all PI3, PI4 and PI5 variants
  • 5V Fan-connection (2Pin / 2.54mm)
  • Solder pads for external on/off switch
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Input voltage 6 to 36 V DC
  • Output voltage 5.1 V
  • Output current: Up to 3 A (active ventilation recommended when additional connected loads)
  • Interface to Raspberry Pi: GPIO4
  • STM8S001J3
  • Further connections: 5V fan connection (2Pin / 2.54mm) solder pads for external on/off switch
  • Ultra-slim design, built-in button for bringing the Raspberry Pi up and down
  • Compatible with all Raspberry Pi 3, 4, 5

With the PiEnergy mini, you can operate your Raspberry Pi with a voltage of 6 to 36 V DC. The board comes with a built-in button that allows you to boot or shutdown your Raspberry Pi. Communication with the Raspberry Pi runs on GPIO4, but this connection can also be parsed by removing a resistor in order to freely use the pin. With the ultra flat design, it can also be used with many housings. The pin strip is enclosed and not soldered to hold the construction even flatter.