Punjač akumulatora VOLTCRAFT VC-AL1600 12V 16A

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Punjač akumulatora VOLTCRAFT VC-AL1600 12V 16A

  • Suitable for 12 V lead and calcium batteries from 30 Ah
  • Suitable for 12 V lithium batteries with BMS from 30 Ah
  • Multi-step, microprocessor-controlled charging method
  • Adjustable charging modes: AGM, acid/gel, lithium and calcium/boost
  • Reactivate of deeply discharged batteries
  • Trickle charge and Auto memory function
  • Protection against short circuit, reverse polarity and overcharging

The VC-AL1600 is a fully automated microprocessor-controlled multi-step charger designed for both industrial use and use at home. It enables gentle charging and proper maintenance of 12V lead-acid batteries and calcium batteries. The product features a maintenance charging mode as part of the 7-step charging profile, with battery capacity being continually monitored and recharged if necessary.

Moreover, the charger comes with a power supply function. Thanks to UPS allows changing defective batteries without losing any stored configurations and program settings.

The boost function helps recover deeply discharged batteries.


  • Selectable charging mode: summer and winter condition
  •  Auto-memory function after Power restart

Scope of delivery

  • Battery charger
  •  1x red/black clamp
  •  1x O-ring connector
  •  User manual