Proxxon EP/E mašina za poliranje 230V 800 – 2800 U/min

20.400.00 rsd



The 11mm stroke of the polisher allows for hologram-free polishing on painted and uncoated metal surfaces without heating.

Balanced special motor, powerful, quiet and long-lasting with infinitely variable speed control (full-wave electronics). Quiet planetary gear in die-cast aluminium housing with balanced eccentric sheave for constant polishing. Main housing of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE with soft component.

Securely stored in stylish case made of high-grade POLYPROPYLENE with original equipment for immediate use: Foam backing pad Ø 50 mm with hook and loop fastening, polishing sponge (medium hard), lambswool polishing disc, polishing felt (medium hard), 12 sanding discs K 2000, two-stage SONAX polishing emulsion for refurbishing paintwork (2x 25ml), microfibre cloth and spanner for tool change.

Technical data:
230V. 100W. 800 – 2,800rpm. Eccentric stroke 11mm. Length 270mm. Weight 800g. Insulated to class 2.

NO 28 680

Dodaci za artikal koji se mogu kupiti posebno:

Accessories for polishers WP/E, WP/A, EP/E and EP/A (Ø 30mm and Ø 50mm)

Foam backing pad
With hook and loop fastening. For use with corundum bound sanding discs and sanding fleece.
NO 29 074Ø 30mm
NO 29 098 Ø 50mm



Polishing felt, medium hard
For polishing metals (e.g. stainless steel, brass and copper). With hook and loop fastening. Ø 50mm.
NO 28 666 – 2 pieces


Lambswool polishing disc
Of high quality, dense lambswool for polishing scratch-proof paints. With hook and loop fastening. Ø 50mm.
NO 28 664 – 2 pieces


Super-fine sanding discs
From silicon carbide. For adding finishing touches to paint or removing varnish runs and inclusions. Ø 50mm.

NO 28 667 – 12 pieces grit 400
NO 28 668 – 12 pieces grit 1,000
NO 28 670 – 12 pieces grit 2,000

Wave-edged sanding discs
From silicon-carbide. For adding finishing touches to paint or removing varnish runs and inclusions, especially in the automotive sector (spot-repair). Ø 30mm.

NO 29 082 – 12 pieces grit 1,000
NO 29 084 – 12 pieces grit 2,500