Digitalni osciloskop Metrix DOX2070B 2x70MHz

128.000.00 rsd;



  • Data transfer to PC: USB device and RJ45 Ethernet
  • MATH functions: in real time calculated curves CH 1 and CH 2 (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • FFT analyzer
    The Dox 2070B is a very easy to use 2-channel oscilloscopes in a space-saving housing low depth, which has been developed especially for laboratory work places. With the DOX 2070 B-table oscilloscope, the all signals represent and analyze.

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    Highlights & Details
    • 7″ LCD Panorama color screen with 800 x 480 resolution
    • Several communication interfaces
    • Powerful
    • Numerous recording and analysis functions
    • Built-in 9-inch folding handle allows easy transport
    • Universal rotary switch
    • Traditional control elements of the front plate: rotary knobs and backlit buttons (CH1, CH2; math and REF + MENU)
    • Very bright, large 7″ TFT color screen
    • Data transfer via the USB port
    • housing.
    • Feet give stability
    • 2 channels + 1 channel for external triggering and 1 signal for probe calibration
    • Euro power cable
    • Test probes with switchable potential divider ratio
    • USB cable type A and B
    • CD ROM with PC software and operating instructions.
    • Card The Signalgenerierigung HX0074