Odvrtači set PCWork PCW08B 48 u 1

2.500.00 rsd;


Odvrtači – šraficgeri set kit komplet PCWork PCW08B 48 u 1.

  • 48 bits crafted from high-quality S2 steel
  • Ergonomic aluminium handle for maximum grip
  • Handle features a 360° rotating cap
  • The bits are firmly kept in place by the strong magnet integrated in the handle
  • Stylish aluminium case with matte blue finish
  • Premium quality, look, and feel – the perfect gift
  • Case is magnetized to prevent bits from falling out, no matter how hard you shake it
  • Perfect for everyday repairs on smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, glasses, watches, etc.
  • Can be combined with the PCW08C smartphone repair accessories set