Network switch Renkforce 3 ports 100 MBit/s

2.200.00 rsd


Network switch Renkforce 3 ports 100 MBit/s.

  • Ultra-slimline, the perfect travel companion
  • USB-powered
  • 2 more network sockets available
This compact network splitter feeds a LAN signal to two network sockets. Optimised power consumption means no additional power supply unit required. One USB port does the job. The device comes with a lightweight ultra-slimline design about the size of built-in network sockets that allows unobtrusive placement in any surroundings. Also fits nicely behind a flatscreen TV. USB power supply means the splitter consumes energy only if the host device is switched on.
Ideal for hotel rooms and office briefing rooms, the splitter doesn’t take up much space in a laptop bag and is available any time you need an addtitional network socket.
  • Ethernet splitter
  • USB power cable
  • User manual.