MikroTik RB750r2 hEX lite VPN ruter sa 5x LAN/WAN

5.900.00 рсд


MikroTik RB750r2 hEX lite ruter sa 5 x LAN / WAN portova 10/100Mb/s, VPN ruter / firewall / bandwith manager / load balance, PoE in 6-30V, CPU 850MHz, 64MB RAM, temp. -20º C÷70º C, RouterOS L4

hEX lite

The RB750r2 (hEX lite) is a small five port ethernet router in a nice plastic case.

Its price is lower than the RouterOS license alone – there simply is no choice when it comes to managing your wired home network, the RB750r2 (hEX lite) has it all.

Not only it’s affordable, small, good looking and easy to use – It’s probably the most affordable MPLS capable router on the market! No more compromise between price and features – RB750r2 has both. With its compact design and clean looks, it will fit perfectly into any SOHO environment.

Box contains: RB750r2 in a plastic case, power supply

Switch chip model QCA9531-BL3A-R
Dimensions 113 x 89 x 28mm
Operating System RouterOS
License level 4
Power adapter 12V 0.5A