Micro Bit V2 Club Bundle – školski set

30.000.00 rsd



The BBC micro:bit Club Bundle contains everything you need to be able to start right away in your classroom. Thus, as well as ten micro:bit boards you will be supplied with the accessories required for each operation.The micro:bit V2 is the powerful further development of the extremely successful single board computer. The second generation of the BBCs has been equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone. This upgrade enables the BBC micro:bit V2 to have the same great features with the added ability to be creative with sound and touch in the classroom.The changes at a glance:· Integrated speaker- MEMS microphone with LED indicator- New Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833 processor- Larger flash memory with 512kB and 128kB RAM- Touch-sensitive logo- Built-in sleep/off mode, i.e. the card can be shut down with batteries connected- Discrete controller that can supply up to 200 mA of power to external accessoriesWAS is the BBC micro:bit?The BBC micro:bit is a single-board computer originally designed for school use only. Due to the high demand, the craft computer is now also available on the open market. The mini computer of 4 x 5 cm is designed for beginners as well as experienced hobbyists alike.The board is already equipped with a 5×5 LED matrix for output as well as a magnetometer and a 3-axis acceleration sensor. It also has Bluetooth®, two programmable buttons and 20 input/output pins.This means you can get started right away with your first projects, without having to buy electronics. On the micro:bit website you will find support in the form of tutorials and exercises.Beginners and also professionals will have their fun at the BBC micro:bit. Four programming interfaces are available for use with the craft computer: Code Kingdoms JavaScript, Microsoft Blocks, Microsoft Touch Development and MicroPython. This can be programmed graphically or via text editor. Moreover, programming via a USB port on your PC allows using your smartphone or tablet PC.
  • Operation via Micro-USB connector to PC or portable via 2 micro batteries
  • 5×5 LED matrix for displaying flashing text, alphanumeric characters and patterns
  • Two programmable buttons for use as game controllers, controlling music on your own smartphone, and more
  • On-board motion sensor and digital acceleration sensor to detect movements such as shaking, tilting or free fall
  • Built-in compass to track your movements
  • Built-in 3D magnetometer to detect certain metals and magnets
  • Bluetooth® technology: Connect your micro:bit to other micro:bits, smartphones, tablets, cameras, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Five inputs and outputs (2 for power supply, 3 for free) for controlling motors, robots, etc.
  • A 20-pin edge connector allows the micro:bit to be connected to other devices such as the Raspberry® Pi, Arduino®, Galileo and Kano via a standard connector
  • A separately controlled micro-USB controller displays the miniature PC as a normal memory stick on your desktop PC
  • Yellow System LED
  • System pressure switch.
Scope of delivery
  • 10x micro Bit board V2
  • 10x battery holder for 2x AAA
  • 10 x USB cable for connecting to PC
  • 10x quick start guide
  • 20x AAA battery