Micro bit robot auto Micro:bit

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Micro bit robot auto Micro:bit

The Joy-Car is an autonomous micro:bit-based educationrobot and offers a modular robotics learning kit.
Sensors such as line tracking, ultrasonic, infrared and wheel speed sensors enable functions such as autonomous driving and even control via BT via a second, separate micro:bit.
The additional equipment simulates indicators, light, reversing light and horn and thus rounds off the experience of an autonomous robot car. By the use of addressable LEDs, individual lighting scenarios can also be realized.

Education for all!
The Joy Car is the ideal way to deal with the topics of electronics and programming.
The 77-page manual (available in German and English) not only explains the design of the robot.
All components, sensors, electronics and motors are easy to understand in their function
Programming can be done in MakeCode or MicroPhyton and is described in detail.
The homepage of the same name offers further information, tips and a forum for questions, problems and ideas.

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Highlights & Details
Learn the individual modules as an entire machine
Detailed instructions for programming including codes
Programming languages: Micro:Python & MakeCode
Autonomous driving by Line Finder, ultrasonic & infrared
Compatible with micro:bit V1 and V2

BT control via separate 2. Micro: Bit possible
Simulation of indicators, light, reversing light & horn
Suitable for school use from 9 years and over ideal

Robot kit without micro:bit controller
Micro:Bit not included in delivery, this must be ordered separately.