Meteorološka stanica Netatmo Smart Bundle NBU-NWS-NRG-EU

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Meteorološka stanica Netatmo Smart Bundle NBU-NWS-NRG-EU Wi-Fi weather station Forecasts for 6 days Max. number of sensors 5

  • Bundle Netatmo Weather station inclusive of Rain gaugeTake advantage of your own real-time indoor and outdoor weather measurementsAccess the measured amount of rainfall in real time with your smartphoneAccess your measurements on your smart weather station wherever you are using your smartphoneView your measurement history and graphics via the APP


Access your own weather data indoors and outdoors in real time with your smartphoneTake a look at the precise and ultra-local measurements of your Smart Netatmo weather station. It tells you the secrets of your environment and sends them directly to your phone: Temperature, humidity, air quality in the interior and exterior of your home is displayed in real time.Let your smart weather station monitor precipitation as well The Smart Rain Gauge from Netatmo works together with the Smart Weather Station and sends out the most important information on the amount of rainfall directly to your smartphone. See real-time rainfall measurements in millimeters per hour in front of your house, wherever you are. The Smart Rain Gauge will tell you exactly how strong and how much it has been raining in the last hour or since midnight.Your weather data shows you how your environment changes over time Analyze your data to understand the changes in your environment over time. APP to access the measurement history and graphics to help you see these changes at a glance. Your garden had to live without you for a month? Check out the weather! Individual notifications to respond immediatelySet the notifications individually to be informed in real time only about the changes in your living environment that interest you. Frost is announced, the CO2 concentration in the interiors increases, your house cools out … Your weather station sends a notification to your smartphone. Improve the air quality in your home easilyDid you know that the air in closed rooms is 5 times more polluted than outside? It’s as easy as it gets: Your Netatmo smart weather station lets you know when your car is taking up too much room. Then you know: It will be time to air! Make your Smart home even smarterAutomate processes using connections to your other networked devices to further enhance the functionality of your smart weather station. You can use the outside temperature displayed by your smart weather station to adjust the heating exactly using your Netatmo smart thermostat. Use the integrated weather forecastUse the integrated complete weather forecast. Take a look at the detailed 7-day forecast at the APP and plan your week in a relaxed way. Explore the measurements of Netatmo weather stations worldwideJoin the Netatmo Community Smarter weather stations to discover the measurement data collected around the world. The Netatmo weather map shows you the outdoor temperature, the precipitation and wind strength in over 170 countries in real time! Adjust the weather in your daily routine and make your life easierSet yourself on the weather in your daily routine and make your life easier by making ultra-local measurements and forecasts of your smart weather station. Choose the right time for a walk, adjust your heating, air through when the air pollution inside becomesć too high … Comfort in the smallest detail! Add accessories to help control the weather even betterExpand your Smart Weather Station as it suits you. Connect up to three Additional Smart internal modules to monitor the ambient air for the most accurate and provide optimum living comfort in every room. And if you want to climb into the real weather expert, add the smart rain gauge and the smart wind gauge from Netatmo.

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  • 1 indoor module 45 x 45 x 155 mm with USB adapter for power supply1 outdoor module 45 x 45 x 105 mm with 2 AAA batteries (up to 1 year life) for power supply1 rain gauge 130 x 130 x 110 mm with 2 AAA batteries (up to 1 year service life) for power supply1 USB-adapter, 1 USB-cable, 4 AAA-batteries included in the delivery

Scope of delivery

  • Smart weather station main modules
  • External modules
  • Rain Gauges
  • Power supply unit
  • Batteries