Metal detektor / tragač digitalni Garrett Super Scanner

23.000.00 rsd;


Metal detektor / tragač digitalni ručni Garrett Super Scanner V Hand-held detector Digital (LED), Acoustic 1165190.

  • High sensitivity
  • Self calibrating
  • Alarm signal is indicated or via vibration with LED-Signal
  • Pinpoint-exact location with the device tip,
  • Temperature range -37 to +70 °C
  • Air humidity up to 95%, non-condensing
  • Audio frequency 2 kHz

The Garrett Super Scanner V is for more than 20 years of professional safety and security personnel is preferred. He discovers even the smallest metal objects. The Super scanner has an automatic adjustment and the battery level display. There are no other settings are required. If an object is detected, the device generates an audible and visual alarm. Only the on-switch button and the automatic circuit detects all hidden metallic objects. Nevertheless, the hand metal detector via an elimination switch. This allows the sensitivity to be adjusted when in the vicinity of the exclamation metal (e.g. Metal reinforcement in the ground) to disturbances.

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  • High sensitivity
  •  Robust, unbreakable casing
  •  Pinpoint-exact location with the device tip
  •  Ready to use immediately with just one push of a button
  •  Self-calibration: The digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for regular sensitivity adjustments
  •  On/Off switch (audible/Off/Mute) pressure switch for short-term interference suppression
  •  Large scanning area (250 mm) for quick and thorough detection
  •  Battery replacement without tools
  •  Alarm signal is indicated or via vibration with LED-Signal
  •  Fulfills U.S. milli tars standard 810F (drop test) Method 516.5, procedure II and IV
  •  Three-colored LED display (green-a, yellow-low battery capacity, red alarm)

Scope of delivery

  • Super Scanner V
  •  Battery
  •  Wrist strap
  •  User manual.