Merač otpora Ommetar Metrel MI 3242

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The MI 3242 MicroOhm 2A is a portable resistance measuring device for measuring the low resistance of switches, relays, connectors, busbars, cable connections of power distributors, Motor and generator windings, mains transformers, storage chokes, track connectors, wires and cables, Welding connections for industrial applications, etc. with test currents up to 2 A.
  • Four measurement methods: Automatic, single, continuous and inductive.Automatic, thermal EMF elimination: With automatic bidirectional measurement.Accurate measurements: 1 µΩ best resolution with an accuracy of 0.25%.Noise suppression: Detection and damping of interference vibrations 50 Hz / 60 Hz.Battery operation: More than 800 MES-sings of 500 mΩ load ∞ 2 A test current and measurement duration of 15 s.Safety: Strong overvoltage protection (CAT II / 600 V) allows measurements in substations and at other plants with lowLine resistances. An internal protective circuit protects the user and the measuring device from accidental contact with the lines.User-defined limits: Pre-programd limits for PASS/fail evaluation of measurement results and bright GREEN/RED indicators for evaluation of results.Portable: Easy to transport thanks to lightweight construction.Memory: Up to 1500 measurement results and the associated time stamps can be saved in the internal memory.Downloads: The PC software HVLink PRO allows you to download, view, analyze and print measurement results.
Scope of delivery
  • Measuring device MI 3242 MicroOhm 2ATest lead, 4-wire, 2.5 mAlligator clips, 4 pcs. (2x black, 2x red)Test probes, 2 pcs. (black)Power supply adapterNiMH rechargeable batteries 1.2 V, 6 pcs.Serial cable RS232USB cableUpholstered carry bagPC software HVLink PROUser manualCalibration certificate.