Merač nivoa zvuka Extech SDL600 31.5 – 8000Hz

78.000.00 rsd



Merač nivoa zvuka Extech SDL600 31.5 – 8000Hz.

  • Long recording function with 16000 storage points
  • Real-time logging on PC
    • Dynamic range: 50 dB
    • test condition: 94 dB, 1 kHz sine wave
    • Data storage: 16,000 data points
    • Interface: USB
    The SDL600 allows precise measurement of the noise level and complies with EN 61672-1 class 2. This accuracy makes it suitable for field measurements and professional measurements. In order to achieve sufficient measurement accuracy even under extreme conditions, the SDL600 with an optional sound calibrator can be calibrated. The integrated data logger allows easy storage of the measured values ​​and subsequent evaluation and documentation of the computer.
    • Measurement of noise levels with frequency filter according to the standard curves dB (A) dB (C)
    •  Selectable time (Fast 125 ms / Slow 1 sec.) For optimum adjustment to the noise dynamics
    •  Long recording function with 16000 memory points or real-time logging on PC
    •  Reversible analog display for visual assessment
    •  calibration and adjustable by means of standard sound level calibrator 94dB / 1kHz
    •  sensitive electret condenser microphone with removable windshield
    •  Analog outputs: DC and AC
    •  software for displaying on the PC
    •  Illuminated, transparent display.
    • Carrying case 6
    •  Micro batteries (AAA)
    •  manual.