Lemilica štapna TOOLCRAFT KB-500 500W 440 – 480 °C

7.800.00 rsd


Lemilica štapna TOOLCRAFT KB-500 500W 440 – 480 °C.

  • Ideal for coarse and mechanical soldering
  • ON/OFF switch on handle
  • High quality copper tip
  • Heavy duty sturdy stand
  • High performance soldering iron and 500 W long lasting tip
  • Predominantly used for soldering metal sheets or branding
A soldering iron for coarse
When soldering, we usually think of fine work with circuit boards and conductors. The TOOLCRAFT KB-500 high-performance soldering iron is more suitable for more rustic applications.
With a maximum power consumption of 500 W and the solid, high-quality chisel-shaped copper tip, the TOOLCRAFT KB-500 is particularly suitable for soldering metal sheets or fire signs.
Full power after 20 minutes
After about 20 minutes of heating time, the power pack with the nylon-fiber handle and a metal part made of stainless steel and Ledloy is ready to do its job with a temperature of up to 480 °C. The delivery includes a heavy, stable stand as well as a manual.
  • Power consumption: 500 W
  • Max heating temperature: approx. 480 °C
  • Heat up time: approx. 20 minutes
  • Long lifespan due to high quality heater
  • Metal part of soldering iron: Stainless steel and ledloy with black zinc plating
  • Soldering iron handle: Nylon fiber
  • Tip: Copper (no coating))
  • 1 x High power soldering iron
  • 1 x Tip
  • 1 x Stand
  • 1 x Manual